Carrier®: Protecting Masterpieces and Your Home

Four years after a cultural heritage event by Vatican Museums in 2014, the Sistine Chapel remains in perfect preservation thanks to innovative heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions presented by Carrier. The company’s flagship products have maintained Michelangelo’s masterpieces against tourists and the elements alike, preserving a cultural treasure for generations to come.

The air conditioning inside the historic chapel boasts two AquaForce® 30XWV chillers with patented Greenspeed® intelligence to help keep the interior atmosphere in optimal conditions. The advanced technologies employed by Carrier can intelligently monitor the number of visitors inside the chapel, adjusting the temperature accordingly.

A History of Trust

HVAC contractors and Vatican museums alike continue to trust Carrier because of the reliable quality their products have been known for. Since 1993, the company has handled the chapel’s air conditioning. At the time, it was designed to handle a visitor count of up to 700. Today, the intelligent systems in place can accommodate almost three times that number while also doubling its energy efficiency.

High Technology

Carrier products remain to be the world’s leading brand according to HVAC contractors. This prestige is owed mostly to the technologies and innovations that they continue to improve year after year. With the Carrier brand protecting some of the world’s most important historical artifacts, it’s no wonder that more homes are trusting the number 1 name in HVAC technology.

Residential Options

Before installing any Carrier product in your home, it’s always best to make sure that your HVAC contractors are certified and trained by Carrier, like the professionals at All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us now at (707) 400-6875 and ask us about HVAC solutions that can bring comfort to your home. Our services are available in Vacaville, California, and all surrounding areas.