Five Basic Components of an Effective Air Conditioning System

An efficient air conditioning system offers the much needed relief during hot summers starting from the months of May to September. These systems work along with your heating units, maintaining the required level of temperature at home or office. It’s an integral part of your life and in order to benefit from it, you must understand how this system works. To begin with, there are five basic components of an air conditioning system which enable it to provide cooling and heating, as required. These components are discussed below.

1) Compressor: It is recognized as the engine of the air conditioning system. The compressor functions together with a substance called working fluid that can easily transform from gas into a liquid. The main task of the compressor is to convert low-pressure gas into a high pressure gas, which also has high temperature. In this process, the gap regions between molecules get narrowed down, creating energized gas. From here, the energized gas or refrigerant comes out of the compressor to enter into the condenser.

2) Condenser Coil: There is a fan fitted into the condenser coil which cools down the high pressure gas and converts it back into a liquid. This product is now taken to the next part or the component of the air conditioner called the evaporator. You can see compressor and condenser on the outside of your house.

3) Evaporator: Located inside the house, the evaporator is usually found near the furnace. It is linked with the condenser with an extremely thin pipe. The high pressure gas which is now transformed into the low pressure liquid reaches this section of the air conditioning system. The decreasing pressure in this section turns the liquid into a gas again. In this process, the working fluid or refrigerant takes away the heat from the air and cools it off. Next, the working fluid comes out of the evaporator in the form of a gas to again get compressed by the compressor. All this happens in a cyclic fashion.

4) Air Handler and Blowing Unit: These are the two parts of the system which work together to draw room air to the evaporator and disseminate the cool air all over your house. With the help of a duct system the passage of airflow in the room is facilitated.

5) Thermostat: This component helps you maintain the temperature of your air conditioning system by regulating the heat energy flowing inside and outside of it. The thermostat can be set manually or automatically, depending on its features.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Feeling the cool air as you turn your air conditioner makes you feel comfortable and more relaxed. Even your machine needs to be serviced regularly in order for it to function well this will help you a lot since there wouldn’t be an emergency of calling a technician for a long time. You will also save money and use it for another thing. It’s always frustrating when your ac conditioner doesn’t cool your house the way you want it to be. In order to take care of anything it needs to be maintained properly so that it can be able to work to its optimal level, buying a very expensive and yet you are not taking care of it you will end up losing it or buying another one and you didn’t plan for it. So, taking precautions is a better thing to do here or else save some to buy more ac machines.

The following are some various reasons on regular service and maintain of your ac.

Changing the filter

Depending on the area that you are living will determine how you will clean your ac machine too. For example, if your area experience wind all the time you should consider cleaning it after two months during rainy season always clean it thoroughly after every two months. A lot of dirt is accumulated on the filter; you can maintain it by washing it with clean water and add a vinegar solution as it helps to remove bacteria and germs in it. In order to ensure proper air flow, always change your filter after month when it is in use this will ensure proper cleaning in your room. Note the size of your filter and how it is installed and use the same procedure to install a new one.

Service your spring

An air conditioner unit has a front grill that is usually attached by the screw, remove the front grill from the unit use unused paintbrush or rag and gently wipe all the dust and dirt from the fins. Do not bend one of the internal parts because it will not work as expected. Use a hose if you have a large central air conditioner by spraying the coils.

Tip to remember

Before starting to use your ac unit for two to three days, run it for about thirty minutes daily this will help it to prepare for its function capacity. Also making sure that all the screws are secure in every unit matters this will maintain each part to work as expected. Remove any other obstruction from the vicinity such as leaves or sticks.