What Homeowners Need to Know About HVAC and Home Automation

As technology evolves, it’s important to stay on top of ways in which you can utilize smart tech and home automation to your advantage as a homeowner. This is especially the case for your HVAC unit in terms of performance, maintenance and energy efficiency. The ability to get real time data on how your HVAC system is performing and control your unit remotely from your smartphone, gives homeowners the power to maximize their home’s energy efficiency, but only if they understand how. Here is what you need to know about how home automation can benefit your HVAC system.

It allows for the most efficient energy use

A smart thermostat can be programmed in a number of ways to save you money and help your system perform better, longer. From timely starts and stops at hours in which you are and aren’t home, to only running in certain zones of your house while you are home, a smart system can take away the burden of constantly monitoring your HVAC system to cut costs.

Home automation makes remote HVAC control possible

Wondering if you forgot to turn down your thermostat before you left for the office, or for a long vacation? Having a surprise visit to your unoccupied home? From your mobile device, you can check on your system and, if necessary, adjust your thermostat from anywhere in the world. This is not only great for the frequent flyer, but it gives homeowners the versatility to live whatever lifestyle they want, while being a responsible homeowner.

If you forgot to program your system, you can change your system’s settings as you enter your vehicle and by the time your commute is over, your home will be set to your desired comfort level.

Homeowners are given real time reports

The Côr™ Home Automation System is the heart of a smarter, more secure home. This easy-to-use, professionally installed system teams three industry leaders, providing comfort, safety and security that you can take with you. If cutting costs means more to you than home comfort, your system will be able to tell you ways in which it could operate more efficiently. Humidity is a major contributor to home comfort and home entegrity. A smart thermostat can read your home’s humidity levels to ensure that your home is as comfortable as possible and that humidity is not slowly damaging the wood inside of your home.  The Bryant® Housewise Wi-Fi thermostat is our recommendation.

At All Weather Heating, Air & Solar, we’re dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and informing our customers on how the latest technology can improve their home’s comfort, air quality and energy efficiency. If you want more information on how home automation and HVAC come together to make your life easier and more comfortable, call our office to speak with one of our expert HVAC technicians at (707) 400-6875. We would be more than happy to send one of our Vacaville HVAC experts out for a FREE estimate to install an automated HVAC system in your home. 





Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Tips

Did you know that the air inside your home can be dirtier than the air outside? Well, the Environmental Protection Agency says it can be. Dog or Cat hair, other pets, various cleaning products, building materials, tobacco smoke, radon, and even cooking residue are normal inside of homes, and can be the cause of air inside your home being dirtier than the air outside. All Weather Heating, Air & Solar can help.

Ironically, new houses and buildings can be at risk for dirty indoor air because of better, more air-tight construction techniques and materials that can trap pollutants inside.

All Weather Heating, Air & Solar offers a number of Bryant IAQ products (click here). Call us at (707) 400-6875 or (877) 447-9855 for a free estimate.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is rated according to particle allergens, volatile organic compounds, temperature, carbon dioxide, relative humidity and carbon monoxide. Bad IAQ can irritate health conditions such as allergies and asthma, and adversely affect children, the elderly, pregnant women or anyone with chronic respiratory issues. Also, improving the quality of the air in your home can help keep dry skin and cracked wood furniture at bay, lessen the viruses and bacteria that can circulate throughout your home and enjoy more customized home comfort.

Call All Weather Heating, Air & Solar for you indoor air quality needs: (707) 400-6875 or (877) 447-9855.  And remember to “Like” us on Facebook: Click Here.

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Looking Back At 2016 – A Pretty Good Year

2016 was another great year for All Weather Heating, Air & Solar.  Thanks to our great customers we had another consecutive year of growth, and thanks to them we are one of the top rated HVAC & Solar companies on Yelp, Home Advisor, and we are one of only two Diamond Certified HVAC companies in the entire Solano County.

In 2016 we started our Monthly Newsletter* campaign, bringing helpful tips and information to your inbox for free every month.

And of course, 2016 was the year that we went Solar! We are now a SolarWorld dealer. (Click Here to see our previous blog post.)

In 2016 started our Youtube page – it’s still small, but slowly growing, and we are happy to have offered a variety of great deals to make sure all of your home comfort needs are met.

We look forward to serving you throughout this new year of 2017 and finding new and innovative ways to take care of your home comfort needs.

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Who Let the Dogs Out? Home Comfort Tips for Pet Owners

If you live with pets, there are a few things to be aware of regarding how to maintain great air quality within your home. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help keep your home happy, healthy, and pet friendly! These tips will not only keep your air quality up to snuff, but will also keep your HVAC system running great all year long!

Keep Clean!

One essential thing to do when you own pets is also one of the most basic: keep clean! Be sure to bathe your cat or dog regularly depending on recommendations from your groomer and/or veterinarian. Keep your pet’s fur brushed daily to prevent any buildup of undercoat and to reduce the effects of pet shedding.

Be aware of pet dander. Dander is oftentimes microscopic, but can cause serious issues with air quality. In fact, dander, not pet hair, is the leading cause of allergies in people to both dogs and cats. This is why bathing and brushing your pet is crucial in keeping a clean home with great air quality. Another easy way to minimize excess dander and shedding is to provide them with the best quality food you can afford as well as unlimited fresh water.

Keeping clean also refers to your living quarters. Be sure to vacuum regularly, and dust often to keep debris, dirt, and pet hair to a minimum in your home.

Get Your HVAC System Checked Out

Another easy way to make sure you and your pets have a healthy home is to get regular maintenance checks on your HVAC system. With regular maintenance, an HVAC professional can give your HVAC system a thorough evaluation to make sure everything is running as should be—and if it’s not, they’ll be able to help you fix it. This is also a great idea for the long term investment of your system, as a yearly maintenance check on your system can catch small problems before they turn into very big problems.

Change your HVAC System’s Air Filter

Living with a pet means that you should change your HVAC system’s air filter more often than you would in a pet-free home. Be sure to check your home’s air filter once per month; make sure your filter is not dirty and change as often as needed. You can also purchase an air filter specially made for pet-loving homes which will help trap and control dander more effectively than a traditional HVAC air filter.

If you live with cats or dogs, give us a call today to see how we can help you improve the quality of air in your home for both you and your pets! Call: (707) 400-6875.

How to Choose the Best HVAC Company for Your Home Comfort Needs

When it comes to home comfort, it is vital that homeowners have an experienced HVAC team that they can call to handle any heating and cooling maintenance or repair services. Since many homeowners do not start looking for an HVAC company until their system breaks down, they may be tempted to go with the first company that picks up the phone. However, it is important to give yourself enough time to do your homework and fine an HVAC company with the knowledge, skills, and experience to meet your unique comfort needs.

How to Find the Right Vacaville HVAC Company

If you are in the market for an HVAC company to help service your heating and cooling needs, here are a few things to look for when searching for the right Vacaville HVAC company:

  • Licensing and Insurance – Licensing and insurance are two important things to look for when searching for an HVAC company. This paperwork shows that the HVAC company means business and they hold themselves to the industry standards.
  • Credentials – Though it is important for a company to be licensed and insured, this does not necessarily mean that the HVAC technicians working there are trained to do the job you need them to do. Look for credentials such as NATE certification and other training that shows the company’s HVAC technicians are prepared to handle your HVAC needs.
  • Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) allows you to check your HVAC contractor’s consumer ratings. Homeowners can check to see if any customer complaints have been made against the company, allowing them to make a more informed decision about whether or not to hire an HVAC company.
  • Customer Reviews – Since most homeowners are not able to see previous work completed by an HVAC company, customer reviews and referrals are the next best thing. Look on the company’s website, Google, and other online review sites to see what other customers are saying about the HVAC company. You may also want to ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations or referrals.
  • Services Offered – Yet another thing that you should check for before hiring an HVAC contractor is the services they provide. Some companies like All Weather are full-service HVAC companies, meaning that they can handle most HVAC needs including new system installation, major and minor repairs, routine maintenance, and indoor air quality services.
  • Products Offered – It is also important to look at the HVAC systems and products that the company provides before choosing a contractor. For instance, All Weather is an authorized Bryant dealer, which means we not only provide a variety of quality Bryant products, but we also have excellent product knowledge and installation experience for these products.

If you want to see the difference that an experienced HVAC company can make for your Vacaville home comfort needs, give us a call today at (707) 400-6875. Our team is ready to help you get comfortable and stay that way year-round.

Selling Your House? 5 Things to Spruce Up to Appeal to Buyers

Buying a new home is a very exciting thing. What may not be so exciting is the work you have to put into selling your current home. However, there are some key facets of your current home that you can spruce up that will most easily influence the way other home buyers view your home.

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

By focusing on these key components of a home, you can quickly prepare your house for the market:

HVAC System

One of the critical aspects that any prospective buyer will consider is the air conditioning system of your property. Before you invite the first buyer to your property, why not first call on the services of a Vacaville HVAC inspector? This professional will inspect all of the aspects of the system and give you a report indicating any areas of the system that require repairs or upgrading. The expert will check on all of the vital components of the system including the thermostat and the furnace filter as well as guide you through sourcing any parts that need to be replaced to get your system running like new.

You should also get an estimate from this expert that can help in the pricing and sale of your home. When selling or buying a home, the HVAC system is certainly a make or break component that can drastically impact the price of a property.


The quality of both interior and exterior paint is another critical consideration that any serious buyer will make. This sets the tone for the aesthetic appeal of your house. Give homebuyers a great first impression by giving the interior and exterior of your home a new coat of paint.

Garage Door

The garage door is a major entry point into the house. In this it serves as a main security check against any unwanted intruders. Remember the garage isn’t just a place to keep your car, but it provides crucial storage space for your valuables. Make sure that your garage is well insulated to keep your home and valuables safe from whatever life may throw at you. For an added bonus, give the garage door a fresh coat of paint to enhance the overall curb appeal of your house.

Roof and Gutters

Water damage can destroy a home, so few buyers will pay much for a leaking roof and faulty gutters. If your roof has shown signs of wear and tear, get a professional to inspect it and perform any necessary repairs before your home hits the market. The gutters also perform the critical function of collecting water and ensuring the water does not find its way into your home. Replace or repair any defective gutters as well.


Your home’s plumbing system is of the utmost importance to any prospective buyer. Ensure the system has no leaks and that there are no back-flows in the entire plumbing system. In case you notice any shortcomings request the services of a professional plumber to remediate the situation.

Selling a home can get overwhelming, however, taking the right steps in the selling process can ensure a good return on your investment. For more information and professional help on how to get the most out of your house contact All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning.


What You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as a silent killer. It’s a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can cause sudden illness or death if inhaled. Death from carbon monoxide poisoning is usually preventable by avoiding the use of certain items inside your home and by having regular inspections of combustion appliances, chimneys and vents. CO can be detected by using a carbon monoxide detector, which is a device that sounds an alarm if the level of CO in your home isn’t safe.

Sources of Carbon Monoxide

Fuel-burning appliances that are malfunctioning or misused can be sources of CO. Examples include malfunctioning hot water heaters or furnaces, portable non-electric space heaters and portable generators. Outdoor tools that use fuel such as snow blowers or lawn mowers can emit CO and shouldn’t be started in the house or in an enclosed garage.

An automobile shouldn’t have the engine running in an enclosed garage that is attached to a house. A blocked exhaust pipe on a running vehicle can also cause CO to come into the enclosed car through a cracked floorboard.

Symptoms of CO Poisoning

Early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning resemble the flu. A person that is exposed to this deadly gas may complain of headaches, dizziness or nausea. Continued exposure to CO can lead to worsening symptoms that quickly lead to confusion, unconsciousness or possibly death.

Carbon monoxide poisoning should be suspected if flu-like symptoms happen shortly after turning on a fuel-burning device such as a tool, generator or vehicle. Another likely indicator is that multiple people in the family suddenly experience symptoms, or symptoms improve if you leave the area near the fuel-burning item. If you suspect CO poisoning, seek fresh air immediately and call 911.

How All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning Can Help Protect Your Family

To help prevent death or illness from carbon monoxide poisoning, be sure to use a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Select CO detector that is battery powered and is certified by Underwriters Laboratory. Detectors should be placed around the home according to the manufacturer’s instructions or with the assistance of an expert at All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning. Batteries should be changed twice a year. Carbon monoxide detectors expire after several years. Follow the manufacturer’s replacement instructions.

Skilled technicians at All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning can provide annual inspections of your furnace, fireplaces and chimneys, and we can answer any questions you may have about the safety of your furnaces or appliances. Follow us for more heating and cooling tips.

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