Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges?

It’s late at night and you are tired. Outside it is thundering, raining, and lightning. You aren’t really worried though. You know your home is safe and secure against any weather hazards that could potentially happen with the strength of this storm. You being to prepare for bed, and then it happens. All in a split second you hear thunder and lightning, your lights flicker and then a zap. Your home has been hit by a power surge.

Once you realize what has happened, you breathe easier knowing that you have protected your computer and other important electronic equipment by purchasing and using surge protection power strips. But then you realize your air conditioning is no longer working. Could it be that you just need HVAC maintenance? You didn’t even know that your HVAC system could be affected by a power surge, however, now you have learned the hard way.

Power surges can be internal or external. A variety of different factors can contribute to a power surge in your home, such as:

• Lightning and Electrical Storms

• Downed Power Lines

• Faulty Building Wiring

• Power Outages

• Cycling On or Off of large appliances

• Maintenance at the power plant

• Aged or Bad Electrical Components

Most homeowners make a mistake thinking that because they have purchased and are using surge protection, such as special electrical outlets or surge protection power strips, that they are protected from a power surge. This couldn’t be further than the truth. Using these items will help protect the small appliances and computers that are plugged into them, but they will not provide protection for larger appliances like a washer or dryer unit, your HVAC system, hot water heater or boiler.

Protect Your Home Utilities
Don’t take it for granted that your HVAC system is protected. If you don’t want this scenario, or something similar, happening to you, it is time to take action. Pick up your phone and call your HVAC professional to ask about home power surge protection. Your HVAC professional can help protect your HVAC system and other large appliances against all types of power surges that can happen in your home.