All You Need to Know About Lowering Your Energy Bills with Solar

Wouldn’t it be nice to lower your home’s energy bills while being more environmentally friendly without having to compromise on energy usage? With a solar array, this is a very real possibility.

You can immediately reduce your energy bills while using renewable energy from the sunlight, not to mention, installing a solar array may add resale value to your home! If you’d like to learn just how a solar array can save you money, read on.

How Solar Saves You Money

To best understand how much money in energy costs solar can save you, you’ll want to calculate what you are currently spending on electricity annually. A typical American family spends approximately $1500 per year on electricity bills. Take into consideration that a solar array will last many many years (with little needed upkeep), and with the costs of electricity increasing each year about 2%, you’ll reap even more energy savings as the years go on. A solar array is an empowering way to take control of your electric bill; your new solar panels will generate electricity for your home, leaving you less vulnerable to the fluctuating costs of energy from utility companies.

Many utility companies also offer incentives and rebates for solar system usage, and both state and federal governments offer tax credits for having a solar array installed on your home.

Solar Also Makes You Money

Purchasing a solar array requires an initial investment, but it will begin to pay itself off immediately. If your utility company utilizes net metering, you will be credited for any excess energy your solar array system creates. Essentially, your electric meter will run backwards and could come in at $0. Some utility companies actually pay homeowners for the excess energy.

California allows homeowners with solar panels to sell excess power to local utility companies through “feed in tariffs,” which can add of hundreds of dollars per year to your income. This program is currently limited and fills up quickly, but with solar power continuing to grow, it is expected that the program will expand.

A solar energy system produces power for approximately 25 years, making it an extremely smart investment for your home and a reliable source of energy for you and your family.

Solar Helps Save the Planet

Installing a new solar energy system is an excellent way to become more environmentally friendly. Because you’re relying on clean energy from sunlight, rather than on non-renewable resources (such as coal) to get your power, you’ll be effectively reducing your output of pollution and carbon emissions. By choosing solar power to fuel your home, you’ll be making an impact on your wallet, and the environment!

If you’d like to learn more about all the benefits of adding a solar array to your home, take a look at our SolarWorld brochure, which will help you better understand why solar is such a smart choice. If you still have questions, we’re happy to answer them! Contact us any time with any solar related questions you may have.