Post-Winter HVAC Care for Homeowners

While our region doesn’t face the same winter problems as many other areas around the country, we are still subject to lower temperatures during winter. As the leading heating and air conditioning company in our area, All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning recommends keeping a close eye on your HVAC system after this season. Winter weather will keep your HVAC system busy, so it’s helpful to understand and prepare for a few common HVAC problems, such as the following:

Fixing Winter HVAC Problems

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is a typical problem for a heating and air conditioning system. Often, the fault lies with the thermostat itself, and it is possible to calibrate it so that it works properly again. However, a damaged furnace can also be a culprit. The lack of proper airflow can lead to some parts of the furnace to heat up too quickly, causing the emergency stop system to activate. Call the experts at All Weather so we can diagnose and fix whatever ails your unit.

Dirty Air Filters

The purpose of your heating and air conditioning system’s air filters is to remove particles from the air moving through your system. Debris will steadily accumulate in your filters and form clogs if the filters are not replaced in a timely manner. We can replace your air filters and clear any obstructions surrounding that area, which can return your system back to full performance.

Frozen Water Pipes

While this is a rare occurrence because of our climate, you still need to understand and prepare for this heating and air conditioning problem. Ice and decreasing temperatures can cause pipes and coils to freeze, and this will prevent the water to from flowing freely within the pipes. This can cause these hydroponic systems to stop operating. The best solution is to stop the problem at its source by preventing the pipes from freezing in the first place.

All Weather Heating and Air Conditioning is the top heating and air conditioning company in our area and we pride ourselves on our track record of excellent service. Our NATE-certified technicians will do whatever it takes to make your HVAC repair or installation simple, convenient, and hassle-free. We’re also proud to be a factory-authorized dealer of Bryant HVAC Products, allowing us to offer the best products available and great deals.

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