The Central Importance of IAQ in Schools

Children consider their schools as their second home. In fact, when you add extra-curricular activities, kids may even spend more time in school than at home. That’s why choosing the right school environment is such a crucial decision every parent has to make.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in school premises is something you can’t afford to neglect, much like air conditioning and heating. Most experts agree a central air conditioning system coupled with a boiler-based heating is conducive to learning, but why is indoor air quality just as important? Here’s why.

Indoor Air Quality Defined

IAQ refers to the overall quality of air within and around buildings and other structures. Most notably, this relates to the health and comfort of the occupants in buildings. As children spend a majority of their time in their respective schools, controlling airborne pollutants and improving the general IAQ is a major concern that every administrator has to address.

School IAQ Importance Explained

Comparative risk studies in recent years performed by the EPA with its Science Regulatory Board have shown that indoor air pollution is among the top environmental risks to public health. Failure to address it in highly populated areas such as schools can lead to eye irritation, headaches, frequent coughing, allergic reactions, and chronic respiratory problems, like aggravated asthma.

School IAQ Importance Measured

Schools are meant to be places that encourage learning and growth. This means more than just imbibing knowledge from books and lectures; it’s also about students’ overall wellness. Without good health, learning can be impaired. It is the duty of learning institutions to not only provide academic excellence but also to ensure the growth of the individual in a holistic sense. Health is where it all starts.

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