residential solar power

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Solar Energy from All Weather Heating, Air and SOLAR

Do you want to lower your energy bill and save money for more important things in life? Consider a solar array!

By adding a solar array to your home, you can reduce the required energy that you must pay for from your utility company. Not just that, but your solar array will actually reverse your electric meter. So, you begin the month at a baseline of energy (and cost) and as you use energy throughout the month, your meter adds $ to your bill. By relying on solar energy, you can guarantee your bill will be more reasonable from the first month forward. Your solar energy source will be clean and renewable. It’s a “win win.”

Placing Your Solar Energy System

Most rooftops are suitable for solar panel installation. For the most power intake possible, your technician will install your array with southern exposure. Sometimes, roof exposure doesn’t provide the best access to sunlight, in which case ground mounts will be used.

Your solar system is eco-friendly

Your solar energy system is guaranteed to lower the impact of your carbon footprint. Solar energy also reduces pollution and greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide. These emissions, especially at the quantity that we produce in 2017, allegedly contribute to the climate change. It’s a problem we can possibly solve by choosing alternative energy options such as solar energy and wind energy. With a solar array, your home will consume 50% less electricity and you will use less fossil fuel and emit less greenhouse gas. That’s a win-win-win-win.

Your solar system cuts costs

In addition to being affordable from the start AND slashing your energy bill, there are other financial benefits to solar energy. First, many utility companies offer rebates and incentives when you use solar systems. Also, State and Federal governments offer tax credits for homes that use this technology. Your system – a sound investment – will pay itself off in a few years and just makes good sense in the long term. Once your system is paid off, the money you save is just pocketed for you to spend or tuck away. Think of the possibilities.

Your new solar energy system will continue to produce power for up to 25 years before it requires replacement, which makes it one of the most reliable energy technologies for your future and the future of your family.