Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Everyone loves the sensation of getting a breath of fresh air, especially in your own home or office; but did you know that Indoor air can become stale and stuffy? This is especially true if the air is continually recirculated and never refreshed with outdoor air. Over the years this recirculated air has been suspected of being hazardous, and has been proven by the EPA to be a reason for concern.

Poor Indoor Air Quality Health Risks

Our Indoor Air Quality, also referred to as IAQ, is now a contender in the top three most serious health concerns the EPA has. A great number of people live and work in homes and buildings that only offer recirculated air. But that is not the way you have to live, you can choose to breathe fresh clean air with every breath you take. Now with products from the line of Bryant air quality solutions, homes and offices alike are filled with air that is fresher than it is outside in many cases.

Here at All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning we feel that having the right to breathe fresh air is something everyone deserves. We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Bryant’s air quality improvement products. Products such as humidifiers, ventilators, air purifiers, electronic air cleaners and UV lamps from Bryant work hard to remove dust, pollen, pollution, and other unseen pollutants that are detrimental to indoor air quality and your family’s health.

Each day these air pollutants and others such as chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, skin flakes, pet dander, and of course many others are brought into our lungs. Being a Bryant ® Healthy Air Specialist dealer gives All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning an amazing opportunity to help your home become safer to breathe in. By educating you on the different products available by Bryant, we can work together hand in hand to create the kind of air your lungs have been craving.

Bryant Air Purifiers

Bryant Air Purifiers are capable of removing up to 99% of the invisible bacteria, viruses that cause flu and common colds, molds, and all the other icky things you are forced to breathe when only having recirculated air in a home. The special UV Lamps by Bryant aid in killing mold spores and bacteria that collect on the cooling coils of your HVAC unit and also improves your systems efficiency.

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Bryant Ventilator

Another amazing product for improving the quality of the air you breathe is a Bryant Ventilator. A ventilator helps bring the qualities of fresh country air into a home, even if living in a high pollution area. Breathe better in the winter and say goodbye to static and dry noses after All Weather installs one of the

Bryant Humidifiers

Bryant Humidifiers into your heating system. Each of these products by Bryant is perfect for those living with respiratory problems, and for those who want to prevent them.

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