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Planning to install a new heating system? Allow us to assist you! All Weather Heating & Air Conditioning is trained and experienced in heating installation Fairfield, CA. We have the equipment, tools, and expertise to handle all jobs.


Whether a new or existing home, let us provide you with an extensive array of heating options. From gas furnaces and heat pumps to boilers and mini splits, we can do it all! We also provide repair and maintenance for existing units.

Ready to Upgrade Your Heating System? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you are in the market for a new heating unit, you have likely noticed that there are more options today than ever before. From geothermal to gas-fired, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which heating installation Fairfield, CA would best suit your needs.

Before making a final decision, here are some things worth considering:

Types of Heating Systems 

The most common types of residential and commercial heating systems include gas-fired furnaces, boilers, electric heat pumps, and geothermal systems.

  • Gas-fired furnace – uses natural or propane gas to heat up the air, which is then blown around the residential or commercial space using vents. This unit is typically less expensive to maintain and operate but requires more space.
  • Boilers – heat the water that runs through the property. They provide a more constant and even heat than furnaces, making them ideal for homes with multiple levels and wide open spaces. Boilers are also more energy efficient, meaning you can expect lower heating bills.
  • Heat pumps – a popular and cost-effective choice for new construction or retrofitting, electric heat pumps use outside air to cool a home in summer and provide warm, dry air in winter. They are ideal for those living in mild climates.
  • Geothermal systems – use the ground’s natural heat to produce energy and can be a cost-effective option for large homes. They have an underground loop that absorbs the earth’s warmth, which is then circulated through the house to provide heating and cooling.

When deciding which product to choose for your heating installation Fairfield, CA project, consider factors such as cost efficiency, installation costs, and maintenance requirements. Some models may require more expensive parts and regular maintenance than others; however, these costs can be offset by lower operating expenses in the long run. 

Energy Efficiency Ratings 

It is also important to take into account energy efficiency ratings when considering heating installation Fairfield, CA. The U.S. Department of Energy has established energy efficiency ratings for various types of units. These ratings measure how much energy a particular model will consume over its lifetime compared to other products available on the market today.

The higher the rating, the better off you will be in terms of cost savings. An energy-efficient furnace, for example, can save you up to 20 percent on your heating bills or more over the product’s lifetime. However, keep in mind that higher-rated models often come with a higher upfront cost as well.

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